Supercharge Your Workflow With FlowBot.

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FlowBot keeps you and your team ahead. It allows your company to automate processes and streamline business-critical actions to eliminate unnecessary, repetitive work tasks for a better flow. Think increased productivity, smoother processes, improved collaboration, and decreased bottlenecks.

Less steps. Better workflow. 

Handle time-consuming, rule-dependent tasks to save time, money, hassles and headaches. Set numerous actions from automatic and conditional to sequential and cross-platform, all with minimal coding.
FlowBot turns legacy systems into cutting-edge solutions, making integration easier.

Automate and optimize your business so you can focus on what really matters: people, deadlines, deliverables, and growth.

Automation Made Easy

Discover How FlowBot Can Help You 

Process Files While Reducing Time & Human Error

Reach Unlimited Automation.

For IT directors, software developers, product managers, and business owners; FlowBot brings automation to every area in your organization. From marketing to finance, gain easy access to updated data, enjoy quick and secure integration, spend less time on routine operations, and look forward to higher ROI.

Connect. Act. Flow.


Think social accounts and notifications


Smoother communication with centralized and categorized conversations


Streamlined processes and optimization for tracking performance


Cost saving and better accountability due to a variety of data management resources


Place repetitive and time-consuming tasks on autopilot

Work Smarter. Never Harder.

For over two decades, JDi has been improving the way you work through innovative software solutions. Our portfolio of legal, insurance and risk management solutions is designed to free you from time-intensive, error-prone tasks through automated, customizable software. FlowBot is the latest solution to join our family of products which includes CTrax, Policy Administrator and Claims Manager. 

Empower your workforce with a better workflow.

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Automate productivity, efficiency, connectivity, and shareability. Create a constant stream of communication and collaboration among teams, departments, and corporate boards. To learn more about FlowBot or schedule a live demo, contact a workflow specialist by submitting the contact form.